The idea of spatiality and environments is a central focus. From the early use of the term ‘cyberspace’ first coined by cyberpunk science fiction author ‘William Gibson‘ describing the notion of a global network of telecommunication and I.T., the idea of space began to evolve into something other than convention. From the primitive beginnings of text based worlds of Multi-User Dungeons to the advent of the internet where the notion of ‘expansive space’ in its many forms such as 3D realtime environments has given food for thought of what we consider space is today. With the ability to scroll through a space as in 2D environments to the more expansive space of these 3D realms there are no longer limits to what can only be viewed on a monitor. Space now can be thought of as an infinite and liberated domain.

Contested Spaces: T.E.R.A

Creation Spaces: The Endless Forest


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