Interface Design

Gesture and movement was a topic of the past week. Discussing tethered and untethered means for use in interface design. Reuben and Lullaby illustrates the possibilities where interactive stories are heading.


Peter Lowey

Peter Lowey an RMIT alumnus graced our studio last Thursday and showed his films. Influenced by early Disney works Peter mainly specialises in 2D frame by frame animation.  His work has screened at film festivals and on television.

Peter studied drawing under Noela Patone at the age of six and continued to his early teens until he began making his own short animations. In 2005 he studied the Advanced Diploma of Multimedia at RMIT where he created three animated shorts. In 2006 Peter made ‘The Little Dictator’, a comical look at Napoleon’s Russian campaign. He then went on to study the Graduate Diploma program at AIM. From there the seed of his latest film ‘Polo’s Robot’ began. He spent a year making the film after funding from Screen Australia. Peter has also made the venture into the commercial realm with productions for iSteel, Channel 31 and Triple J.


A busy week ahead and a number of deadlines. Glad to see the Dadaist and one of the original anti-artists Marcel Duchamp being channeled today in a movement presentation.

Kat Mew

Kat Mew spoke at this week’s H&G luncheon.  Kat, a graduate of AIM and The National School of Design at Swinburne has an eclectic background. From vee-jaying at the Big Day Out to lead designer at NineMSN, Kat has done it all. It’s this versatility and her obvious tenacity that helped her withstand the post dot-com boom period and lead her to her current role as Head of Design at ACMI.

Case Study-Character

Opened the first round of the Story Telling  Case Study brief today. Our group chose from the 2010 AIM cohorts work with the task of using the element of character. After some technical hiccups we were under way. I had the film ‘Bobby of Tanjung Malim’ to analyse. Certainly not an easy piece to critique.

Adam Nash

Our Thursday Hunters & Gatherers guest was Adam Nash, a new media artist, writer, composer and programmer. Nash spoke of his networked real-time 3D spaces, exploring them as live audiovisual performance spaces and sites for data and motion capture and generative audiovisual environments.  Adam has presented his works on four continents including festivals such as ISEA and SIGGRAPH. Nash has been the recipient of no less than three residencies and founded the Australian Centre for Virtual Art with Christopher Dodds. He also recently completed his PHD by Research at the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT.


The first exercise of our course was a collaborative straight-ahead cut out by myself, Karis and Sophia. I enjoyed the restrictions placed on us by David Atkinson. It gave the piece a sense of minimalism and made us think economically when filming.

A still from ‘Strohmann’ (full short to be uploaded)